How to join a webinar?

Instructions for joining a webinar are available here, or just click on the image.


Important recommendations

  • If your company is organizing a webinar or a panel, a moderator should be assigned also. Her/his task is to moderate participants' questions prior to publication, suggest including video and sound of participants with interesting questions etc.
  • Each company will have a link to their event that may be sent directly to business partners. However, we strongly advise that guest are invited to register at site, visit booths and follow the webinar or panel in virtual hall 2.

Webinar - Q&A

If they access the webinar using their computer, the browser access is allowed. If they use their mobile phone, they should install the application.
To log-in to webinar participant should leave her/his name, family name and email. These data will be handed over to the Organizer (SMEITS), to be processed under the SMEITS Privacy policy
All Zoom webinars are recorded and after the Congress will be uploaded to the Hall 2.
If the company that organized the webinar agrees – the webinar will be available for download.
Presenters design their webinar, but we strongly advise to assign a moderator to moderate Q&A
Presenters audio should be on. Presenter decides on using her/his camera, but we strongly advise them to turn their video on.
No, webinar is started and ended by support provider „Miloš Messe“ company.
Particpants do not have video. However, if presenter and particpant decide, their video may be swiched on.
No, technical support should do it upon the presenter’s request.
Yes, through „share screen“ option in Zoom application.
Presenter sees her/his shared screen (if anything is shared), and presenting person. During a discussion, technical support displays all panelists on one screen.
Participants may use text-chat screen. If they raised their hand by „Raise hand“ button, presenter may ask technical support to start participants video and audio.
Yes, but a moderator is strongly advised, so the presenter is concentrated on presentation only.
Yes, here is the Zoom official video (in English):
Yes, technical support will be in contact with presenters during the webinar, and there should be a rehearsal before the event.

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