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Sustainable strategy creates the scope for continued growth

Overarching goals

By being a major player, we will influence and help drive trends and development in the ventilation sector. We will consistently exploit benefits of scale within production, product development, logistics and sales. Our financial strength enables us to enter new markets through acquisition or establishment. A local presence in priority markets is fundamental to our ability to achieve our goal.


To secure this goal and retain our position as one of the leading players in the global ventilation industry, we have adopted the following strategies:

  • We will be your most efficient and helpful partner in mastering your indoor air quality challenges.
  • Through this, our aim is to create good relationships with ventilation contractors, distributors and consultants, and to become the first choice for our customers.
  • High product availability and fast delivery via efficient production, logistics and IT systems.
  • Development and expansion of Systemair’s own sales organisation.
  • Innovative product development and a broad product range focusing on energy-efficient ventilation products. A
  • highly diversified customer base and wide geographical coverage reduce our vulnerability to fluctuations in the economy.
  • Early presence in growth markets.
  • Offensive strategy in acquisition and establishment to assure continued growth.

Next Event

51th HVAC&R Congress and Exhibition
December 2–4, 2020

About Us

The largest HVAC&R congress and exhibition in this part of Europe.

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