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51st International HVAC&R Congress and Exhibition promo video

Virtual exhibition, Main sponsors presentations, webinars and panels are posted at site. Program of thd 51st Congress is on this site. Following are the liks to virtual spaces of this year's Congress and Exhibition

Congress program Virtual Exhibition Main sponsors presentations Webinars and panels

What to expect at vitual exhibition?

The 51st International HVAC&R Congress and Exhibition are to be held virtually on December 2–4, 2020. Please register here. After successful registration and login, the info-desk assistants are waiting for you to answer all your questions through a simple text-chat.

The Info-desk TV displays the opening addresses of:

  • Prof. Branislav Todorović, the Organizing Committee President,
  • Charles E. Gulledge III, PE, 2020-2021 ASHRAE President
  • Didier Coulomb, Director General, International Institute for Refrigeration
  • Halvart Koppen, Montreal Protocol Regional Coordinator for Europe and Central Asia (ECA) UN Environment Programme
  • Frank Hovorka, REHVA, President
info desk
Virtual Exhibition initial view

The pole on your left side holds:

  • link to the virtual Hall 1 with Main sponsors’ recorded presentations available on demand,
  • link to the virtual Hall 2 with webinars and panels – scheduled Zoom events,
  • link to the Congress program with recorded presentations available on demand,
  • link to the virtual Swag bag containing useful information on exhibiting companies, the Program, “Who is Who in HVAC&R in 2020”, “KGH” journal 4/2020, Treasure hunt, discounts…
  • Curtain above the info-desk holds Main sponsors logos (left) and Sponsors logos (right).

How to move around the virtual space?

Use your mouse to direct your view to desired view, press spacebar, hover the mouse over the desired space and active fields will glow. After one mouse click on the highlighted area it will fit in your screen.

You may move with keyboard arrows also if the mouse is active. Spacebar turns mouse and keyboard movement on and off. To release mouse and go out of virtual space, and stay in the browser tab, press Esc

  • Click on circle in left upper corner opens the list of all booths and spaces. Just click on desired booth or space.
  • Click on circle in right bottom corner takes you back to initial view.
  • Click on logo of a company logo on main curtain fits corresponding booth in your screen.
  • Host avatar: click to open chat window.
  • Booth video: click-open-click-close.
  • Booth brochure: click opens pdf in new window.
  • Booth tablet and desired link: click opens the corresponding site or social network.
  • Enjoy your visit, and welcome as many times as you wish till the end of 2020. All the material will be available on demand.

Our support team is available from 08.00 to 18.00 h untill Friday, December 4.

Congress fee

Thanks to our sponsors, there will be no congress fee for the 51st International HVAC&R Congress and Exhibition.

General patron

Exhibition patron

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52nd International HVAC&R Congress and Exhibition
December 1–3, 2021

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